About Us

We have joined The Educator School systems in 2002 as franchisee in Sahiwal city and are running five Campuses of The Educator School in Sahiwal city under “Sonehri Group” of Pakistan. The Educator School systems run under the umbrella of the Beacon house Group, which was Established in 2002 in Pakistan, The Educators is a parallel private school network owned and operated by Beaconhouse that aims to impart a standardized quality of education across the nation at a tuition fee that is a fraction of the fee charged at Beaconhouse. The Educators operates through a model of network associates (franchisees) in which Beaconhouse is the franchisor/service provider.
The overall aim of the organization is to provide a quality learning environment for students and quality training for the faculty through excellence in education within the relevant socio-cultural framework of Pakistan. The Educators’ success lies both in its strong brand as well as its ability to continuously add new products and services for its Network Associates including, most recently, the Edu Card, The Educators Edge (newsletter), student’s health insurance and much more.

The Educators provide a variety of professional development programmes designed around latest teaching methodology, techniques and resources. Tailored staff development sessions are conducted on Instructing skill-set, School leadership and management, Computer aided learning, Early years teaching and Language literacy. Our training sessions are designed to cater to the professional development needs of Teachers, School Heads and Principals.
These are focused and highly interactive sessions that help participants develop and hone their teaching and learning skills and can be availed anytime, especially during school summer and winter vacations.

Our Vision

” The Educator College & School Network Sahiwal” to be a trend setter in quality education. To deliver excellence in learning and teaching excellence in research, scholarship and the development of professional practice a stimulating student experience. We will deliver outstanding academic and training programmes on our campuses, enabling those who choose to study at ” The Educator College & School Network Sahiwal” to transform their lives and shape their own futures.
We prepare our students to be professional, skilled individuals capable to meet the challenges of the modern world, committed to the communities in which they live and work. We will be committed to an adaptive environment through the development of talented, highly skilled and motivated staff, effective governance, management and leadership and beneficial collaboration with other institutions internationally.